Occupancy rules

1. General statements 
1.1 The occupancy rules for Santa Resort Hotel (here & after called the Hotel) is developed in accordance with “Rules of offering hotel’s services in the Russian Federation”, contended by the Russian Federation Governmental decision dated from November,11th 2020 № 1853 and the law of the Russian Federation “About protection of the rights of consumers”.
1.2 The existing Order regulates a relationship between a person, occupying the Hotel or is going to (here & after called the Consumer), and «Santa, Ltd. Company» (here & after called the Contractor).
1.3 The Hotel offers its services round the clock.

2. Reservation, checking in and stay in the Hotel
2.1 A room or a place at the Hotel is provided to the Consumer in case of presenting an identity card in accordance to the Russian legislation on the territory of Russian Federation, including:
A passport of a citizen of Russian Federation, which identifies the citizen of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation;
A passport of a citizen of USSR, which identifies the citizen of the Russian Federation, before changing it to the passport of a citizen of Russian Federation;
A birth certification for a person under 14 years;
A passport of a citizen of Russian Federation;
A temporary identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation;

A passport or any other official document, which is established by the federal law or is recognized as an identity card in accordance to the international treaty of Russian Federation;
A document, issued by a foreign country and being acknowledge by international treaty of the Russian Federation as an identity card without a citizenship;
A temporary stay permit for a person without citizenship;
Checking in the hotel for citizens under 14 years old, is based on the documents as identity cards of their parents (adoptive parents) with whom they are travelling, as an identity card of an accompanying person(s), who shall provide legalized agreement of legal representatives (at least one of them) and birth certificates of underage citizens.
Checking in the hotel underage citizens from 14 years old in case of absence of their legal representatives, is based on their identity card with a condition of providing legalized agreement from legal representatives (at least one of them).
During the check-in a registration guest card is filled and signed by both of the Consumer and desk receptionist of the hotel. The registration guest card confirms a contract of providing a service by the hotel. The registration guest card is stored at the Reception. After the card was signed, the Consumer is provided with electronic card-key and “guest card”, which works as a pass to the territory of the Hotel. The “guest card” is consisted of the name of the Contractor, surname and name of the Consumer, information about the provided room.

2.2 The Hotel has the right to seal the contract for rooms’ reservations at the Hotel by accepting inquiries for reservations through mail, email, phone or other form of communication, which allows verifying that the inquiry is coming from the Consumer.
2.3 Reservation fee is not charged.
2.4 The following information is provided in the inquiry:
name of the Consumer;
type of a room;
check-in and check-out date and time;
type of a payment for the stay;
name of the hosting organization (if applicable)

2.5 The Consumer has a right to make changes or to cancel a reservation up to 6.00 p m one day prior arrival (Sakhalin time) without paying an obligatory fine.
2.6 In case of arrival of a group of tourists the Contractor has the right to change the term of a reservation’s cancellation on what notifies the consumer in writing.
2.7 The Contractor has the right to reject the accommodation request or to terminate the contract of the reservation for any of the following reasons:
the Consumer does not follow the requirements of the current Order;
the Contractor has the right to reject sealing a contract if there are no vacant places for the mentioned dates in accordance to an inquiry;
the Consumer, who is applying for accommodation, has a criminal record or acts against civil order.
2.8 A reservation is considered valid from the moment when the Consumer receives a confirmation, which includes the information about the Contractor, customer, type of the ordered room and its price, conditions of the reservation, duration of the stay in the hotel.
2.9 In case of a guaranteed reservation, the Contractor is expecting the Consumer till 12 a m (Sakhalin time) the day before estimated arrival. In case of late cancellation, late or no show of the Consumer, the fee of a size of a room cost for a night has to be paid by the Consumer or the Customer. If late fore more than a day, the guaranteed reservation will be cancelled.
2.10 In case of non-guaranteed reservation the Hotel is expecting the Consumer till 5 p m (Sakhalin time) on the day of arrival, after which the reservation will be cancelled.

3. Payment for accommodation at the Hotel
3.1 Payment for accommodation is made on check – in or prepayment when booking a room. Key is issued on a basis of payment.
3.2 Hotel check-in time is 3 p m and check-out time is 12 p m
3.3 Early check-in is possible if there are available rooms and after the agreement with a desk receptionist, and for an extra charge. The extra charge for an early check-in has to be paid in the following order:
From 12 p m to 8 a m – 100 % of the room rate. From 8 a m to 3 p m – 50 % of the room rate.
3.4 Staying in a room after uniform check-out time is only possible after agreement with a desk receptionist and if it is possible to provide the same room for the mentioned time by the Consumer. In case of late check-out of the Consumer, an extra fee is applicable in the following order:
From 12 p m till 6 p m – 50 % of the room rate
After 6 p m – 100 % of the room rate
3.5 If staying in a room for less than a day (24 hours), the fee of a day has to be paid regardless of check-out time.
3.6 The payment for the stay has to be done, even if the Consumer does not voluntarily use the opportunities, which were provided by the Contractor.
3.7 Breakfast is included in the official price of a room and it is not transffered from last day of your accommodation to arrival day.
3.8 The Contractor must pay for the service provided by the Contractor.

3.9 For the Consumer, who stays at the hotel for more than a day, the credit for extra services may be allowed (with agreement from the Contractor) and it cannot exceed 30 000 rubles.

3.10 For the Consumer, who is staying less than a day, the credit for additional service is not provided. Such Consumer is required to make full payment for accommodation during check-in and advanced payment for the mini-bar.

4. Order of providing services

4.1 The Contractor provides a round the clock registration of the consumers, who arrive and depart from the Hotel.

4.2 Cleaning room is carried out daily.
4.3 Staying period in the Hotel is not limited.
4.4 The Contractor guarantees to the Consumer a safe keeping of personal belongings in rooms provided the Rules of Stay are properly observed. The safe deposit boxes for cash and jewelry is available in each room and at the reception. The Contractor is not responsible for the loss valuable belongings that were not deposited in the safe.

4.5 The Contractor provides the «Book of Comments» on the Consumer’s demand.

4.6 For the consumers who are not staying at the Hotel, additional services are provided only after payment.

5. Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Consumer and the Contractor

5.1 Guest has the right to:
to invite visitors to the room (but no more than 2 guests) from 8 a m to 11 p m. The Consumer is taking all responsibility for the actions of the invited guests in the room. The Consumer has to register the invited guests, who visit after 11 p m, as an additional person in the room with fulfilled registration card and additional fee for an extra person in the room;
to terminate the contract for services at any time if paying a fraction of the price in proportion of the service provided to the Contractor;

5.2 Guest is obliged:
to observe the established Rules of Stay and Fire safety rules;
during check-out, to pay in full for all services (and goods) provided and turn over the room and the key to the manager;
in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, any damage or loss to the Contractor’s property shall be compensated (per price list).
5.3 The Hotel is not allowed:
to leave strangers in a room and giving them a room key;
accommodation with pets;
to bring one’s own food and drinks;
to use any electrode vices, except for given by the Contractor;
to store bulky things, flammable materials, weapons, products and food with a pungent and-or unpleasant smell in a room;
to independently set up additional furniture and the equipment in a room without permission of the Contractor;
to violate public order and cause disturbance to other guests;
to use a lobby or guest rooms as a showroom or office;
to smoke, including electronic cigarettes;
to change rooms without the agreement with the Contractor;
to take out the equipment or devices of the Hotel to the outside territory of the Hotel;
to independently assort and repair Hotel’s property;
to make video or to take pictures for commercial objectives.

5.4 The Contractor has the right to evict the Consumer from the Hotel in case of not following the current Order.
5.5 In case of detection of overlooked things, the Contractor is obliged to do all necessary measures to return the things to a guest.
5.6 The Contractor in responsible for the quality of providing services in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.
5.7. The Contractor has the right to refuse service and settlement to persons in a alcoholic and drug intoxication, as well as in violation of generally accepted norms and rules of behavior without explaining the reasons for the refusal.

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